Frequently Asked Questions

Muddy Warriors™ Challenges is a series of training events designed to test your fitness, endurance, determination and overall toughness. The events vary in course length, size and difficulty, last anywhere from 2-6 hours and take place on local trails. Challenges may be completed as individuals, couples and teams. Usually 25-50 people participate in a single challenge. All participants go out as a group and are accompanied by trainers who remain with them throughout the challenge.
Anyone 18 years and older may participate and teenagers of the age of 15 that are in good physical condition may participate with the consent of their legal guardian. If you are not in at least moderate shape, then the MW Challenge may not be for you. Do not sign up for the MW Challenge if you have issues with getting dirty, scratched up and pushed to your limits.
There will be some Obstacle Course Race style obstacles as well as task driven challenges that you must complete along the course.
Depending on the length of the challenge course, they last from 2-6 hours.
What to wear?Trail Running Shoes: due to the elements on the course, you need to wear Trail Running Shoes. Sports clears are dangerous to other participants and are not allowed on the course.Gear: you should wear breathable, sweat and moisture wicking clothes to protect you from weather elements and ensure comfort during the MW Challenge. We recommend wearing elbow sleeves, compression socks and protective knee pads.Gloves: weight lifting gloves are optional but recommended to protect your hands from splinters, rope burns and harsh terrain.What to bring?Identification: a valid photo ID will be required during registration to pick up your bib packet.