Muddy Warriors Training™ – Muddy Warriors Challenges™ – Muddy Warriors™ Xperience

Muddy Warriors™ Training  is an outdoor bootcamp designed to prepare people for Obstacle Course Races  (OCR). MW workouts are centered around total fitness and are a combination of cardio and strength oriented exercises, using your body weight, natural obstacles, creative props and are set in tough natural terrain. Our program is designed for people of different fitness levels and we work with all participants to suit their personal needs in order to accomplish their goals. All workouts are dynamic, challenging and unique.

Muddy Warriors™ Challenges is a series of training events designed to test your fitness, endurance, determination and overall toughness. The events vary in course length, size and difficulty, last anywhere from 2-6 hours and take place on local trails. Challenges may be completed as individuals, couples and teams. Usually 25-50 people participate in a single challenge. All participants go out as a group and are accompanied by trainers who remain with them throughout the challenge.

Muddy Warriors™ Xperience is Muddy Warriors signature Trail Running and Obstacle Course Event taking place on a course. This is a larger event where participants conquer the predesigned trail course and obstacles that had been set up.

About the Founders

Laura van der Brug
Laura van der BrugCo-Founder, Certified Bootcamp Trainer
“Unless you puke, faint, or die… KEEP GOING”
–Julian Micheals

After 25 years experience in the fitness and health industry, my passion and motivation for changing people’s belief in themselves has not wavered. It is my passion to push people to realize that they can achieve much more than they think they are capable of. After participating in many obstacle and mud races over the last few years, I realized that we could create a specialized training program to condition people to maximize their performance in these races. We have built literally, a training ground with obstacles and challenges similar to these races. Training with Muddy Warriors™ will prepare you for the Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, Atlas, Warrior Dash and all the rest. Not only will this training help you reach your top physical potential, it will push you to conquer everyday life challenges with a new, improved and positive mentality! Whether you want our training to prepare you for Obstacle Course/Mud races or to get in the best shape of your life… Muddy Warriors™ is for you! Come take your free class today!

Laura van der Brug

Klaudia Moran
Klaudia MoranCo-Founder, Certified Bootcamp Trainer
“Believe you can & you are halfway there”

Over the past few years I made major changes in my fitness, diet and lifestyle. My life has transformed ever since I discovered the athlete in me.
I gained such passion for this type of training so that it inspired me to become a fitness instructor specializing in outdoor trail and obstacle training. This type of training brings you back to basics, taking you back to how you played as a kid, running outdoors, on the trails, climbing through tunnels, jumping over walls and pulling ropes, where getting dirty did not bother you, and all that mattered was the fun you were having. I discovered that the incredible amount of adrenaline that your body produces during such exercise empowers your mind and body to overcome things you did not think you could do. The impossible becomes reality. I also have a passion for running and I do all of it outdoors, running on trails, streets and hills. I have run in several half marathons and other local races. I also completed Spratan Races and the Tough Mudder, which are considered to be some of the toughest athletic events in the world.
Remember it is mind over matter, and I want to help you overcome your fears and excuses, and show you how amazing your body works when your mind is convinced that “YOU CAN DO IT” With courage, determination and belief you can achieve the impossible!

Come join the Muddy Warriors and get your body and mind in the best shape of your life!

Experience the impossible!

Klaudia Moran