Our boot camp is for anyone who wants to be active, healthy and wants to make a change in their lifestyle by training in the most natural outdoor environment, going back to basics.
We combine resistance training with high-intensity cardiovascular exercises. Our program offers an intense mix of cardio and strength training and we tailor our program based on your fitness level.
During the monthly program, you will participate in a series of classes. Each class is unique, specifially designed to train differnt parts of your body and test your endurance and strength. We combine trail running, obstacle and circuit training. Our program is flexible and we can tailor it to your fitness level.
If you are interested in our program, please follow these steps

1. Fill out our Application and Waiver and bring it with you – Click here to download
2. We will need a copy of your current ID. Please bring your ID to the first session. We will not be able to sign you up for the program or a class without ID verification.
3. To make a payment, you may pay online with Paypal or a major credit card. You may also write us a check payable to “Muddy Warriors” and bring your check to the first session.

In order to join a class, you will need to download and sign our Basic Application and Waiver and bring it to the class with your ID. Click here to Download.
1. Trail shoes

2. comfortable, non-bulky workout clothes

3. weigh-lifting/training gloves

4. water (we recommend a water training belt so that your hands are free during your work out)

5. towel or a yoga mat

This a monthly commitment you are making to get into shape. This is for you, and only you. You owe to yourself to make sure you make it to every single class you commit to. If however if you have to miss a workout, you may do a make up class on a day that another class is offered within the same 30 day period you are signed up for.