Muddy Warriors Running Club

Due to many request we have received, we are introducing a Trail Running Club. All runs will take place on Bell Canyon and surrounding trails and will range in length and difficulty levels.

Weekly Schedule:
The schedule for the running club is posted on a private Facebook page and it may vary from week to week. The runs take place in the morning and times vary. Some runs start at 7:15 am and some at 9 am.

Our trail runs also vary in length from 3-7 miles. Time of duration varies on the distance and terrain.

Scheduled Runs

There are 5 longer scheduled runs within the year and they range from 10-13 miles. We both run and power walk during these runs and go in larger groups.

Please email us with more questions at

Cost:  $99 per Year

There are many great benefits to trail running and here are just a few.

1. Injury prevention: Trail running surfaces are much softer than asphalt or concrete and they absorb shock much better. Softer surfaces mean fewer injuries not only due to lower impact but also because you’ll build more muscles that help you stabilize your lower leg.

2. Mental Break: just as important as physical benefits, trail running is mentally relaxing, especially when you find yourself on beautiful mountain trails, enjoying breathtaking views.

3. Breathe Easier: Trails that we run in are off limits to motor vehicles so you don`t have to worry about taking a deep breath of carbon monoxide every time a car goes by.

4. Get Faster and Stronger: Trail running involves lots of hills, running uphill makes you stronger and it’s actually the most efficient form of strength training for runners since it uses all the muscles you activate when running on flat surfaces, but builds greater strength due to the increased resistance.

5. Increase Balance: Trails are often uneven and covered in obstacles and hazards and in order to prevent stepping on them or even falling, your body conditions to develop a greater level of bodily awareness, constantly shifting your body weight and increasing your overall balance and stability.

6. Ankle Strength and Stability: Many ankle injuries result from week foot muscles. When running on trails on uneven terrain, it forces greater muscle engagement, specifically stabilizing muscles, such as those in the foot and ankle.

Please feel free to email or call us with any questions.

Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it!

Klaudia Moran and Laura Page