Upcoming Muddy Warriors Challenge Events

2/7/15 – Super Saturday 5K Team Training Challenge

This Super Saturday Challenge is a 4 Person Team Challenge. The course is a 5K trail with obstacle stations on your way. You will be completing this challenge with your teammates. You start as a team and finish as a team. No Muddy Warrior left behind! You will be completing this course with training instructions who will guide you throughout the challenge. This event will test your endurance, strength, determination to better yourself and your commitment to your teammates. This is a 5K course, which depending on your team’s fitness level, may take up to 2-3 hours to complete.

Start Time: 8am

Check-in Time starts at 7:30am. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time for check in.

Location: West Hills, CA  (call 818-427-1945 for details)

Individual Price: $40 per person.
Groups of 4 of more: $35 per person

Muddy Warrior Trainee Price: $35 per person. (Available to individuals participating in Muddy Warrior training sessions)

What to bring?

  • For your safety, you must wear trail running shoes. Comfortable clothing and training gloves are recommended.
  • Please bring plenty of water, we recommend a CamelBak or a water belt.
  • Filled out waivers with photo ID. Click here to download a waiver.
  • Confirmation of your entry.

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