Frequently Asked Questions

MUDDY WARRIORS™ XPERIENCE is a trail run during which you will encounter various challenges. The MW XPERIENCE will test your mental and physical will. You can run this event for time or for fun! You will be challenged over trails, hills, obstacles and fun challenges ! You may register as an individual or register with a team. The MW XPERIENCE is about not quitting, helping people around you that need it and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

There are 3 courses at the Xperience event.

-10K Trail & Obstacle Run open to fit participants over 13 yrs of age
-5K Trail & Obstacle Run open to fit participants over 10 yrs of age


There will be some Obstacle Course Race style obstacles as well as task driven challenges that you will encounter along the course. There are different levels of obstacles. If you are registered to run for time as an Elite athlete, you must attempt every obstacle and attempt the hard version of the obstacle. If you are running or walking this event for fun, you can select which obstacles to attempt, although we recommend that you attempt them all. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Time of completion will depend on the course you run during the event and your level of fitness. The 1 mile loop can take about 30-45 minutes. The 5K loop should take about 40 – 90 minutes. The 10K loop should take anywhere from 60-120 minutes. After you complete the event, there will be a Fun Fair for you to enjoy with your friends and family!

What to wear?

Trail running shoes: due to the elements on the course, we recommend that you wear trail running shoes or shoes with most traction. Sports cleats are dangerous to other participants and are not allowed on the course.

Gear: you should wear breathable, sweat and moisture wicking clothes to protect you from weather elements and ensure comfort during the MW Xperience.

Gloves: training gloves are optional but recommended to protect your hands from splinters, rope burns and harsh terrain.

What to bring?

Identification: a valid photo ID will be required during registration to pick up your bib packet.

Cash: you will need cash for parking if you do not prepay to reserve your parking spot, food, beverage and merchandise.

Usually there is no mud at this event. This is a Dry Run Xperience. However, at times it rains, in which case, there will be surprise mud!

There are Water Stations on the course, however we always recommend that you hydrate before the race and bring water onto the course.