Muddy Warriors has completely transformed my body, muscle mass and thinking. Having had a full right hip replacement only a few short years ago, Muddy Warriors has given me back my strength, self-respect and body! Prior to my hip replacement I was pretty sedentary for a couple of years and put on the most amount of weight ever. I was afraid to do anything that would hurt my hip or set me back after surgery. Muddy Warriors worked with me through modification and in less than 5 months I have dropped about 40 lbs at least. Each time I go I improve. Sometimes my improvement could be a 1/2 a second better or an extra pushup or two but the key is I’m improving and getting stronger. I’m doing things I never thought I would do in my lifetime and I love it. Besides the amazing improvement in my body and mind, I’m being supported by everyone else who takes the class. Sometimes you just feel like you can’t get up that hill but everyone is cheering you on and telling you – you can. Sometimes, they run down and help push you up or hold your hand and say “we can do this together.” It’s the kind of workout that makes you feel good inside and out. Not only am I getting more fit, I’m making lifelong friends who’ve seen me struggle and help me finish. No Muddy Warrior is ever left behind.